Review – Proxy – A Cyberpunk Anthology

proxyCyberpunk is, in the eyes of its critics, a dated approach of what the future could be – the future seen through the eyes of the 80s, which has no place in the 2010s. It’s merely an aesthetic, so they say, blue-and-lilac lights obscured by smoke, when the “now” needs to see the future through the… well, through the “now”. And that’s why every single cyberpunk work that comes out nowadays has to speak for something bigger than itself: it’s not just about creating an ornate, intricate world. It’s about proving that the subgenre is still relevant. And here’s where Proxy comes in: Proxy proves a plethora of things – all of them bigger than itself. [+]

Festival Contacto – Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature in the Spotlight

56711073_824382114577957_3365040540646113280_oContrary to popular belief, Portugal is ripe with good sci-fi/fantasy events. And from the bustling, week-long festivals to small meetings amongst enthusiasts of the genre, most of them are not without a great level of care, dedication and genuine professional quality to them. Festival Contacto is, among those events, one of my favorites. [+]

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